SUMMARY: *nux and antivirus software

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Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 04:26:49 EDT
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We have many Unix desktop and will be introducing some linux over next few
months not as an replacement for Unix as they will used mainly for EDA
related tasks. I am more concerns about files downloaded from linux/Unix
environment. Yes, I did used the work Linux but should have used *inx.


YES I should have some software to scan files downloaded from Linux/Unix
from internet
and I should also have anti-virus running on WinTel machines (we currently
have NAV corp. edition) and our mail server is Microsoft exchange which also
serves as pop/smtp to Unix and linux.

Software's recommended are:

*	"amavis" (Automatic Mail Virus Scanner) and antivir
*	sophos
*	network associates 
*	Interscan VirusWall from Trend Micro (email/web/ftp/...)

WEB Links:

and the links for software/further information on anti-virus for unix/linux

and one suggested I post this to this post clearly looks Linux-oriented.
Please join the equivalent "LinuxManagers" list here:

thank you for the info - I wasn't aware of this Discussion group. I will
used this for all linux queries.

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