SUMMARY: problems running OpenLDAP 2.1.5 on solaris 8 [long]

From: Andrew Diederich <>
Date: Mon Sep 30 2002 - 14:48:52 EDT
I did two things, and then I got it to run.
1) moved back to gcc 2.95.3.  More people had success here; none reported in
that they'd made it work with gcc 3.2.
2) spelled /var/openldap-data correctly.  The error about "no such file or
directory" was for the root of the file, not the __db.001 part.

Still in all, I'm not sure why 'make test' for openldap failed so often for
gcc 3.2.  It doesn't use /var/openldap-data at all.

Andrew Diederich

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Subject: problems running OpenLDAP 2.1.5 on solaris 8 [long]


I've spent the last few days on the openldap list but still haven't got it
to work, so I thought I'd try here.

High level: what I'm doing is creating a postfix / cyrus / openldap server.
I did this a few years ago, and now I'm re-doing it with fresh software.
For a compiler, I'm using gcc 3.2 from sunfreeware.

Low level: I've been able to get Berkeley db 4.0.14, postfix snapshot
1.1.11-20020822, cyrus sasl 2.1.7, cyrus imapd 2.1.9, and pcre 3.7 all to
compile and install.  I did get openldap 2.1.4 to compile and install, but
it wouldn't launch, complaining of db problems in the ldap logfile.  (logs
at bottom.)

What I'm beginning to suspect is I need more GNU tools installed.  I was
trying to keep the number of GNU tools to a minimum because of an email from
Weitse Venema (postfix) the last time I did all this.  He tried to keep
postfix as native as possible, and not rely on GNU tools (like GNU make)

I've found for certain in the OpenLDAP 'make test' target that they need GNU
diff, because their diff options include -u, and solaris diff doesn't have

I've tried modifying my path a little bit, mostly putting
/usr/local/[bin|sbin] before and after regular /usr/bin.  Again, I haven't
loaded the GNU make, libtools, patch, etc. yet.

Has anyone successfully built this with gcc 3.2 yet?  I've been getting good
suggestions from Igor Brezac on the ldap list, but he's using gcc 2.95.3.
It may be I need to drop down to that version -- there was a bug in cyrus
that you needed to turn off warnings in gcc 3.2 since a new warning was
added, and their grep strings to see if stuff built correctly didn't account
for that.

I've been configuring with just ./configure, and the environment variables
below.  I tried --with-tls and --enable-wrappers the last time just for fun,
but no change.  I'd also tried --enable-ldbm -with-ldbm-api=berkeley, but
ldbm is now not preferred, if not quite depricated.

That's the situation.  Below is the ldap error, crle output, and some
environment variables I've been using when compiling.  Thanks in advance.

Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5780]: [ID 246621 local4.debug] bdb_open:
Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.0.14: (November 18, 2001)
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5780]: [ID 178880 local4.debug] bdb_db_init:
Initializing BDB database
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5781]: [ID 446079 local4.debug]
bdb(dc=netdelivery): /var/openldap-data/__db.001: No such file or directory
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5781]: [ID 886196 local4.debug] bdb_db_open:
dbenv_open failed: No such file or directory (2)
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5781]: [ID 289525 local4.debug]
backend_startup: bi_db_open(0) failed! (2)
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5781]: [ID 446079 local4.debug]
bdb(dc=netdelivery): txn_checkpoint interface requires an environment
configured for the transaction subsystem
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5781]: [ID 887577 local4.debug]
bdb_db_destroy: txn_checkpoint failed: Invalid argument (22)
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5781]: [ID 486161 local4.debug] slapd
Sep 26 12:34:25 lindstrom slapd[5781]: [ID 432338 local4.debug]
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

Configuration file [3]: /var/ld/ld.config
  Default Library Path (ELF):
  Trusted Directories (ELF):    /usr/lib/secure

Command line:
  crle -c /var/ld/ld.config -l
r/lib/sasl2 -s /usr/lib/secure

LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.0/lib -R/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.0/lib \
-L/usr/local/ssl/lib -R/usr/local/ssl/lib -L/usr/lib/sasl2 \
-R/usr/lib/sasl2" \
CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/local/BerkeleyDB.4.0/include -I/usr/local/ssl/include \
-I/usr/lib/sasl2" \

Andrew Diederich
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