SUMMARY: How to find or a method to find duplicated d evice paths

From: Santos, Ramiro <>
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 06:37:50 EDT
Hi there,
sorry for the delay, here are some hints on this issue.
First off all, many thanks to Nathan and Jeffe.

There is a script (not a tool) to find out some hardware properties but
work for all machines.
The tool from EMC (scsi_inquiry) works much better, and the output is well
It works even on IBS-Sharks, A5x00, D1000 and son on...
Another way, not so elegant, is using format with the extended option (-e),
with this option you will see one more command (scsi), here is possible to
advanced setups or get hidden information like the serial number, the format
can get the commands from a file and running in a script mode.
A little bit awk, cut, and so on, and I have a script that does what I want.
The problem here relies on old drivers and a non conform standard for the FC
Some drivers give the WWNs away but specialy SBus drivers are not very
talkative and
in some cases is not possible to finding the WWNs of the HDs, therefore if
you have more than one
path to the HDs, you get different devices and Solaris handles it even like
different devices.
Very often you will see the WWNs on the messages files but this is not

OK. This text is not complete, these are simply some hints about this
if someone wish to know exactly what to do, just email...


Ramiro Santos

PS. If you miss luxadm here... I have tried but luxadm deals only with Sun
firmware or Sun drivers,
in the most cases people uses EMC or IBM (sometimes Hitachi, but this is

>>Dear managers,
>>I am implementing some new systems including storage within our SAN,
>>there are many different storage boxes (IBM, EMC) and of course, all the
>>systems need to be redundant, and here is where the problem comes in.
>>There are many methods to find out how many paths goes to one disk,
>>but all of these methods are not elegant, in one book I have got some
>>examples with the "" tool but I can not find it.
>>I would like to find out, how many devices on one system points
>>to one physical disk, i. e., in Solaris I see:
>>/dev/dsk/c2t33d1s2 \
>>/dev/dsk/c3t33d1s2  --- this could be just one physical disk on the
>>(Fiber Channel)
>>/dev/dsk/c4t33d1s2 /
>>One way to find it out, is looking into the WWN of this disk, I would love
>>to find the URL
>>where to download the "" tool mentioned on the course ES 310
>>Yours sincerely,
>>Ramiro Santos
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