SUMMARY: Sun NFS & RedHat 6.2

From: NORSAR SysAdm <>
Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 03:20:23 EDT
Original posting:

>    Server: Ultra 10 Solaris 8
>    Client: Linux Red Hat 6.2
>    Problem: Sun-client makes modifications to a simple text file on an
>             NFS-mounted filesystem. 
>             When viewing the file on the RedHat box (also an NFS-client),
>             the changes does not appear immediately... Sometimes, it might
>             take up to two-three minutes before the content of the file
>             is up to date.
>             We have also experienced another, similar, problem:
>             When creating a new file on the NFS-fileystem, the RedHat
>             box does not see this file immediately upon creation...


o Make sure the clock is syncronized

  Comment: The clock was out of sync! I don't have ntp/xntp installed so I'm 
           currently running rdate -s from crontab once a day
o Different NFS-versions could cause trouble (RedHat NFSv2, Solaris 7 NFSv3)
  Try using NFSv3, make sure this version is compiled into the RedHat kernel
o NFS caching, check mount options for client side caching on RedHat

  NFS parameteres:  acregmin, acregmax, acdirmin, acdirmax, actimeo
  See 'man nfs' for more info. 
Rik S. experienced the same problems. His suggestions:

> We have seen the same behavior here.  It has to do with the way the Linux
> NFS client buffers all file system reads and writes.  I have seen some
> traffic about this on the NFS mailing list for Linux.  The work around for
> my environment was to write a wrapper for cvs and make that flushes the
> buffer before looking for changes.

Thanks to all that responded!!!

- Nils
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