SUMMARY: Sol2.6 with 105181-33 hangs at reconfiguration boot

From: Atatur YILDIRIM <>
Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 08:09:55 EDT
Thanks especially to Asher Frankel for pointing out the correct
solution. Also thanks to Mark Dorman for his interest.
Solution was to add the following to the /etc/system and reboot:
        set kobj_map_space_len=0x400000

Best regards.

My original message:

    I tested several times this afternoon and I conclude that patch
105181-33, the latest kernel patch for Solaris 2.6, causes a system hang

when reconfiguration boot (boot -r) issued. The interesting thing is
that system (Ent. 450) boots up normally but a command like drvconfig
hangs without harming the system after a successful boot.
    Specifically, system hangs after issuing "Print services started"
during a  reconfiguration boot. I looked at /etc/rc2.d hoping that
something between S80lp and S92volmgt causes this hang but there's
nothing abnormal. This is a fresh install and when I backout 105181-33
everything is working properly.
    Any ideas??
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