SUMMARY: Solaris and >1TB filesystems

From: Jeff Kennedy <>
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 16:46:27 EDT
This summary has been a long time in coming but here it is...

Thanks to:

Todd Jensen
Svren Schaper
John Martinez

Solaris will not accept a filesystem that is larger than 1TB.  It will
go right up to that limit but not a byte over.  My particular solution
was to just create a single 1.6TB raid set and map 2 volumes that were
less than 1TB.  Not the way I wanted to do this since it means more
management.  And for those who ask 'how difficult is it to manage 2
filesystems as opposed to 1?'; it's not, but managing the backup
policies that use these 2 filesystems as disk storage units is a pain. 
It's best guess work to size them and divvy up the clients to point to
one of the 2 filesystems.


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Subject: Solaris and >1TB filesystems
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 07:09:39 -0700
From: "Jeff Kennedy" <>
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How do I get a Solaris 7 (64 bit) box to see a 1.4TB filesystem?  I have
a jbod that I want to attach to it and would very much like a single
filesystem of the entire thing.  This is a disk storage unit for
NetBackup; that's why I don't really want to break it up into seperate
filesystems, so I can have all the space available and not have to worry
about which clients are going to which filesystem.

I know VxFS can do greater than 1tb but how do I get Solaris to see a
disk that is larger than 1tb?  I tried this before and format showed an
unknown drive.  As soon as I dropped it to 948gb it found the ATABoy
array with no problem.

Another thing I would like to avoid is having multiple LUN's carved out
of this array and using VxVM to concatenate them to make one logical
filesystem.  I know this is what most people do to get large filesystems
on Solaris but I'm hoping someone found a real solution.
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