Summary (+question): OK -- I yield -- Solaris 8 DHCP client w/ NT DHCP server

From: topher <>
Date: Fri Sep 20 2002 - 14:29:11 EDT
First things first, thanks to:
James Vandevegt
Michael Hocke
David Newton
Sal Serafino
singh manjeet

James answered first, and was pretty much along the same lines as what I was doing....  here's a snippit of what he sent (it's the technical part):

The only solution is a work-around. Based on your description, I think you're doing everything right. Your Solaris 8 is at least the 07/2001 release, right? You need that in order to *send* your node name to the DHCP server, thereby making it compatible with M$ dynamic DNS and DHCP.

My full procedure, copied right out of my setup document:

Put 'primary' in /etc/dhcp.hme0.
Put 'inet <hostname>' in /etc/hostname.hme0
Put desired host name in /etc/nodename.

Edit /etc/default/dhcpagent:
Uncomment "REQUEST_HOSTNAME=yes"
Set "PARAM_REQUEST_LIST=1,3,6,12,15,43,51,54".

Here's the last part, a work-around, and backup up by a SunSolve document:
Edit /etc/init.d/network: search for "dhcpinfo Hostname" and change it to "shcat /etc/nodename."
Edit /etc/init.d/inetsvc: search for "dhcpinfo Hostname" and change it to "/usr/bin/cat /etc/nodename."


That worked great -- but I'm still getting an error during boot about the ifconfig timing out....  it's all kinda sad really....  (not so coincidenally, that's making the part where they put the ip in /etc/hosts fail too -- what since they don't have an IP) -- I increased the wait time in /etc/default/dhcpagent, but that apparently doesn't increase the ifconfig timeout (by the time the system boots, I have an IP.... just no /etc/hosts entry...) << thoughts on this are appreciated, but I haven't done any real research on it yet....

the other common answer seemed to be editing JUST the /etc/init.d scripts OR creating an /etc/rc2.d script

What topher originally said:
That's it -- I can't take it any longer, and I've spent too much time on it already!!

Here's the thing -- I've got a Solaris 8 desktop that I'd like to be a DHCP client ( so that I don't have to mess with the NT group and get a static entry in DHCP, then hardcode my system to an IP... )

I know, 'ifconfig hme0 dhcp start' get's me an IP address, but our DHCP server (being the NT system that it is) isn't handing out a name, so I wind up with a system named "unknown" (as is right and proper according to /etc/init.d/network).  So I've got the appropriate /etc/hostname.hme0 and /etc/dhcp.hme0 files in place, and things are working find for getting an ADDRESS...

HOWEVER -- the 'man dhcpagent' refers me to the '/etc/default/dhcpagent' file, where I can configure the system to ask for a particular hostname -- and it tells me to put an entry of the format:
inet host
in /etc/hostname.<interface> where 'host' is a token representing the hostname I would like to have...

'man dhcpagent' also recommends killing the dhcpagent process, removing /etc/dhcp/<interface>.dhc, then rebooting the system (which I've done) -- but during the rebbot I get a crazy error thrown up on the screen, but there's no log file that shows what the top of the error is, and since the error is longer than a terminal... well basically, I can't see what's generating the error...

can anyone help -- is 'inet' supposed to be a token too and the documentation is just goofy?



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