SUMMARY: 420R -- X-server cannot start on display 0:0

From: Gene Matthews <>
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 21:16:51 EDT
Thanks to all (a lot) who replied.  There were several suggestions to
check out /usr/dt/config/Xservers and some other suggestions as well.
After a little more research I learned that these cards had been
recently installed and had, thus far never worked (i.e. the CDE login
screen didn't appear).

Well, it turned out that when they were installed, no one did a
reconfiguration boot.  So I touched /reconfigure and did a reboot and
the CDE login displayed (I should have thought to try that first 8-(



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Subject: 420R -- X-server cannot start on display 0:0

Hi all,


I searched the archives but didn't find anything (actually some similar
questions, but no answers).  I have three 420Rs all with Solaris 8.  I
just started looking at these today for someone.  On two of the three,
the Xserver won't start.  Watching it reboot, after I see the console
login prompt,  it says "X-server cannot start on display 0:0".    I can
see that dtlogin is running, but obviously something else that should be
isn't or there is some configuration set wrong.    These are quasi
production boxes and the DBA is waiting to install Oracle, but can't
until we can get a gui available.  On the one that works, it comes up
with the CDE login screen on the console, while the other two don't.


I'd sure appreciate some ideas on what to check and where to look.
I'll be back trying to help in the morning (I'm on Eastern Time in the
US) so if anyone has any ideas, please don't hesitate to respond.  I'm
still searching Sun's site as well as trying Google.


Thanks, and I'll summarize.


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