SUMMARY:Ufsdump over the Network?

From: rmckeever <>
Date: Wed Sep 18 2002 - 13:22:52 EDT
Thanks to all the responses....Especially Jay Lessert & Matthew Stier

99% suggested dd, so thats what im going with makes sense to be able to
control the blocks in and out:

MachA# ssh MachB /usr/sbin/ufsdump 0fb - 126 $filesystem | /bin/dd
of=/dev/rmt/1ln obs=63k

"Thanks Jay":
    "Note:  the  blocking  factor  is specified in terms of 512-byte
     blocks, for compatibility with tar(1)."

    "The input and output  block  sizes  may  be specified  to  take
     advantage of raw physical I/O. Sizes are specified in bytes; a
     number may end with  k,  b,  or  w  to specify  multiplication  by
     1024,  512, or 2, respectively."

So these are all exactly the same function:

    ufsdump b 126 | dd obs=63k
    ufsdump b 126 | dd obs=126b
    ufsdump b 126 | dd obs=64512
    ufsdump b 126 | dd obs=63x1024

Also was able to cut out one of my ssh's from my command.

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