SUMMARY: SunPCi II won't boot

From: Jeff D. Allen <>
Date: Tue Sep 17 2002 - 08:37:36 EDT
There were two suggestions:

From Jim Musso:
recreate the  homedir/pc/SunPC.ini and try booting again.  Wierd I know, but it
has solved problems of a similar type in the past

From Martin Marshall, Mark Ryan, Lee Heagney: 
create a new C.diskimage and mount the original image as another drive and
delete the large file which was the suspected cause of the problem

I tried installing Windows 98 but anytime I tried to give inout on a DOS screen
the software would crash. Finally I decided to try a rebooting (why not Windows
is involved), but while logging out I decided first to try just logging out and
back in. I did this and the card works fine now and there is 52 MB free in the
original disk image.

Sun Blade 100
Solaris 9
SunPCi II software 2.3
Windows 2000

My SunPCi II card was happily running for many many months and today when I
tried to restore the window the software crashed and now Windows won't boot. It
gets to the screen where it asks which OS you want to boot and then it crashes
when trying to proceed from that screen. I have uninstyalled and reinstalled
the software to no avail. I was downloading a large file and may have run out
of space on the C: drive of the image file.

Any thoughts?

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