SUMMARY: Dual head Sun Blade 100.

From: Ian Clements <>
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 12:42:50 EDT
 I received one response from Eric Forgette.

 He suggested xinerama and a change to the Xservers
 file (which we already have in place) and versions 
 of OpenGL.

 By taking Sun's list of patches along with our current 
 Jumpstart, we were able to get the systems working. From 
 the list of patches, it looks like there are only a couple of
 different patches required to get this working with the base
 jumpstart images we have today.

 Thanks for the help.


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 Greetings all,

 We recently began purchasing Sun Blade 100's with 2 graphics cards for
 some of our designers. 
 Our normal practice is to jumpstart incoming machines with the most recent
 2.8 and patch bundle. However, these dual-headed displays will not work
 our jumpstart procedure (they will work with the installed software). 

 When jumpstarted, the primary display "sort of" works (meaning some overlay
 planes are a bit screwed up. If we remove the second graphics card, the
system works
 correctly. If we run the standard supplied image it all works.

 Sun's recommendation was to grab another set of patches and apply them.
With this 
 bundle, there is no suggested patch order (which seems really strange)
 installation "interesting" to say the least.

 Has anyone been successful installing 2.8/latest patch bundle on a Sun
Blade 100 
 with two (or more) displays? If so, what's the secret?

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