SUMMARY: Installing SunFire V100 with Solaris 8

From: Rami Aubourg <>
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 12:10:31 EDT
Thanks to all who replied, especially:
Krister Bergman,
Simon Crowther

It seems that the (only?) version of Solaris 8 compatible with the 
SunFire V100 is Solaris 8 02/02.

Original post below:


Hello, gurus,

I have a slight problem installing Solaris 8 10/00 on a Sunfire V100, 
and can't find anything in the archives.

I first used an install server I had installed several Netra X1's with 
succesfully. I added the V100's mac address to the server with 
add_install_client. But when I boot from the net to begin the install, 
the V100 I'm installing hangs with a "2bb00" prompt.
When trying to install with the CD's, it hangs with a "Can't load tod 
module". This reminds me of some problems in the versions of Solaris 8, 
or a problem with the network driver. However, what puzzles me is that 
the network interface is a dmfe, which is the same as the NetraX1's, and 
the Machine came preinstalled with Solaris 8 10/00 from what I could 
read from the docs.

Right now, I'm installing it with Solaris 9 from the CD, and everything 
seems to go smoothly, but I'd really like to keep all of my NetraX1's 
and SunFire V100's with the same version of OS for uniformity and ease 
of maintenance reasons. I'm not the only one intervening on them, so I'd 
like to keep everything as simple and uniform as possible.

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