SUMMARY: combining disksuite and vxvm

From: Dave Lowenstein <>
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 11:33:12 EDT
Many thanks to all who answered, especially Todd Fiedler. I was confusing
sun's Raid Mananger 6.22 with VXVM, I thought that RM 6.22 was a
repackaged version of VXVM. It's really the software that you use to set
up hardware raid on the A1000, and with it there is no reason to use
veritas volume manager in my scenario with one host and one set of disks. 

here's Todd Fiedler's answer:


RM6 is the software interface into the A1000s RAID controller, it is not
a repackaged VXVM.

Once you have configured the A1000 with RM6, the LUNs will show up as
logical devices under Solaris (cXtYdZsN) and you can use them as they
are. The RAID takes place on the array so you do not need a VM unless
you are mirroring between clustered hosts.


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