SUMMARY: SS10 serial splitter

From: Dragon King <>
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 17:10:19 EDT
Thanks for the replies from the following..
Celeste Stokely
Masopust Christian
krister bergman
Jim Campbell
Vandevegt, James Matth
Jerry Kemp
Patrick L. Nolan

At first everyone said make one. Can't do that since I can't find raw
cable. Then most people suggested use an old cable, which I would, but I'm
out of spares. Buying and cutting a new cable seems like it'd end up more
than the cost of a new one.

Two websites were recommended..

The first gives the pinouts, which I'd already gotten from there. And the
website at the bottom points to a site that carries the exact same cable
I'm planning to buy, except it's at the $29.99 list price. Lastar Datacomm
knocked off $7.04 from that.
Redmond Cable has yet to return my call like their message system said
they would, so they just lost out if they even had a cable.

Time to order from Lastar.
Thanks for the ideas.
Jeff Markham


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