SUMMARY: Can't get Sun to see new gateway hardware -- arp problem?

From: Eric Paul <>
Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 12:22:10 EDT
Many thanks to all who replied.  Craig Russell and Ed Rolison both informed 
me of the evil nscd daemon that in addition to caching nameserver lookups 
also caches a copy of your arp table.  Evil!  Evil!!

I ended up restarting nscd on the boxes, and then bringing the interface up 
and down to clear it all out.  Thanks to Tim Chipman for suggesting that 
with command stacking I wouldn't need to pull out my LOM cables.

Commands used:

# /etc/init.d/nscd stop
# /etc/init.d/nscd start
# ifconifg hme0 down; ifconfig hme0 up

Thanks again!  Original question below:


At 10:54 AM 9/11/2002, you wrote:
>Hi there.
>I was attempting to install a new piece of firewall hardware last 
>nite.  To make life easier on the network topology end, I set it up to use 
>the same inside IP addresses as the previous equipment.  When I switched 
>it on, as expected, I had some issues with the machines on the network not 
>wanting to route packets through it.  I was able to get all our linux 
>servers up and running by clearing the arp cache using "arp -d" 
>where is the address of the firewall.  I tried to do a similar 
>thing on our Sun boxes, but no luck, they still don't want to see the 
>outside world.  What am I forgetting?  I dropped the old firewall back in 
>the loop for now, and the Suns are all seeing the network again.  I know 
>that a reboot would probably fix this, but I *REALLY* want to avoid this 
>option.  Our production machines take forever to come back up from a cold 
>start, and given that my maintenance window is way past my bed time, I'm 
>looking for another solution.
>TIA!  I will summarize!
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