SUMMARY: running ypbind over reserved port

From: <>
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 14:50:02 EDT
I will go ahead and summarize this now since I have an answer from Sun. The
first (and only) person on the list told me that with Solaris, I can't run
ypbind over a reserved port. I called Sun and they confirmed that ypbind
will run over a random high numbered port. Sun also said that while it is
not fixed in Solaris 9, enough folks have complained that it might be fixed
in Solaris 10.


Original Question:

Good morning everyone,

My security folks ran an ISS scan on my little 5-server network, and found
a few security problems. I have fixed them all except
for the fact that ypbind is running over a non-reserved port. I have spent
a week checking man pages, the Sunmanagers FAQ,
the Sunmanagers archives,, my Solaris Security book, etc., but
can't figure out how to fix this one.

I have set the variable nfssrv:nfs_portmon=1 in /etc/system to run nfs
mountd over a secure port. Did that also take care of ypbind?
Can I do something similar for ypbind?


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