SUMMARY: delete files

From: Jaime Menendez <>
Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 07:00:31 EDT
Thanks all,
All solutions resolved my problem i will resume all in a short paragraf.
Problem.- Hi all,
I removed from my /var file system 500 Mb but when i do df -k I
follow having the same space allocated. How can i to refresh the file
systems information. Thanks in advanced.  Solution.- A process will be
holding the file(s) open and so the space hasn't been
cleared.  Stop and start the processes owning the files you deleted
apache for log files or syslog for anything in /var/adm).Worst case,
reboot and it should clear up.In future, don't delete large log files,
use cp /dev/null <filename> to make
them zero bytes long.


MSN. Mas Ztil cada Dma. Haga clic aqum
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