summary: intermittent ping issue

From: Zaigui Wang <>
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 17:21:24 EDT
Thanks to all who replied:
Michael Bamford
Chandrasekhar Kalle
Jeremy Jin
mike Salehi
Charles Rawls
Jeremy Rodriguez

Even before I tried anything out from the replies, I
did an unplum/replumb of the NIC (it is a
semi-production system, so we had the luxury to do
that)and the server has been working fine ever since.
Unfortunately, I still don't have the answer as to why
this happened. 

Some of the replies suggested the obvious: check the
defaultrouter and netmaks setting. Considering this is
an intermittent issue, those are unlikely the cause of
the problem. Most of the replies, however, pointed to
the arp cache/table and suspected that there might be
some offending arp entry or issue related to network
proxy-arping. The network team was involved in
troubleshooting this and was not able to figure out
why either. Almost everybody suggested that I use
snoop to diagnose the problem.

Hopefully the issue is gone for good. Thanks all for
your help.

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