summary: kernel parameters

From: Wong, Ivan <>
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 01:50:45 EDT
Hi all,

There were 2 parameters that could be tweaked for files per user:
rlim_fd_cur & rlim_fd_max

No answer on what the file locks parameter may be, but apparently it can
be altered.

Here is a handy link for the tunable kernel parameters manual:

Thanks to go to the following people for pointing me to the right
Zeev Fisher
David Foster
Kevin Buterbaugh
Reginald Beavers
Matt Harris
Carl Schelin

Original Post:
> Hi all,
> We are experiencing problems with one of our applications and our
> developers have informed me that tweaking the kernel parameters might
> help.  The 2 parameters in question are:
> 1, file locks
> 2, files per user
> Can anybody explain to me what these paramaters are in Solaris do and
> how do I find out what they are currently set to on our Sun box?  I am
> assuming an entry has to be made to /etc/system.  Are there any side
> effects if they are improperly set?
> The box is a E-4000 running on SunOS 5.8
> Thanks for the help.
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