SUMMARY: How to discover/set Library paths

From: Andrew Diederich <>
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 19:02:34 EDT
Thanks for the quick replies.  First, it looks like crle is similar to what
I'm used to in linux as ldconfig.  It helps out with /var/ld/ld.config.

The important thing is to have the -L and -R flags link to the directory
libgdbm is in.  You can do it manually in the Makefile, or (I think) have
./configure pick them up by setting them in things like LDFLAGS.  (CPPFLAGS
is where you set the includes, as an aside.)

Matthew Mauzey also had the suggestion to "try setting the LD_RUN_PATH to
the same thing you have LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to."  Chandra suggested copying
the offending .so file into /usr/lib as a nasty workaround.

Thanks also to Jed Dobson, Galen Johnson, Buddy Lumpkin, Spencer Hoffman,
and Chandrasekhar Kalle for their help.

Andrew Diederich

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I'm trying to figure out why my slapd server can't find the library I
it with.  

# ldd /usr/local/libexec/slapd =>  (file not found) =>        /usr/lib/

I was able to compile openldap 1.2.11 on solaris 8 with the
gdbm 1.8.0 library, but when I tried to start slapd I got a 
# /usr/local/libexec/slapd -f slapd.conf /usr/local/libexec/slapd: fatal: open failed: No such
file or directory

Any ideas?  I tried setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the shell script that runs
the above command, but no joy.  

Note: I wrote the above a while back (months) and never set it.  I'm
starting to compile the 2.1 openldap, so it's going to bit me again, though.
I think what I did then was to either copy the libraries to where solaris
wanted them, or symlink the directory in.

What's the solaris version of /etc/  I understand how to modify
/etc/ in linux, and then generate the cache file.  I don't know if
this exact thing exists on solaris, though.

Thanks for the help.

Andrew Diederich
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