SUMMARY: Network Optimization of (ugh) Windows

From: Chris Hoogendyk <>
Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 17:09:53 EDT
As has been said many times: This list rocks!

I got zero replies from the nt admin list (and my post was nice).

My favorite network list ( was taken
out by a fire. They did have off-site backups, and are buying new
servers and rebuilding.


Thanks to the following from this list (especially those checked):

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Here are a couple of good sources:


Aside from the standard recommendations of monitoring the network and
documenting the facts of the situation, there are actually a significant
number of detailed changes that are recommended for tuning windows after
it is installed.

The basics include:

removing excess bindings for network protocols. this could be choosing
TCP/IP and eliminating NetBEUI and NetBIOS (and of course IPX).
basically, a lot of NT overhead traffic is replicated over all available protocols.

remove unnecessary services from NT installations. leave only services
that are explicitly required for your network design -- particularly for
workstation installations that are ghosted over many dozens of machines.

clamp down on browser traffic by resetting the registry keys that cause
a PC to keep a maintain a server list or compete to be the browsemaster.
use only designated browsemasters. 

control roaming profiles.

the references above also had a variety of other registry settings.

of course, I was specifically looking for NT or Win2000 tuning
information. suggestions like using fixed network speeds rather than
autonegotiated at both ends are useful, but I already knew that and have
been arguing that. Also, check netmasks, use mrtg (got it running), etc.

Thanks to everyone.


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