Summary: CacheFS hung up

From: Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC) <>
Date: Fri Aug 30 2002 - 17:00:24 EDT
I only had 1 person respond to this inquiry, but thought others might be
interested in how we finally got it resolved.  I ended up working through
Sun support for a couple of days before we tracked down the probable culprit
for the "hanging CacheFS".  It's a not very well documented known problem
that the Sun Tech found in some internal documents and then I found on the
Veritas web site

between Sun CacheFS and a Veritas file system.  Sun only supports their
CacheFS with ufs file systems.

I ended up removing the mount for the CacheFS in /etc/vfstab, rebooting,
blowing away the VxFS that I had created for this CacheFS, creating a new
UFS, recreating the CacheFS (cfsadmin -c /cache/cache0), and remounting the

All seems to be working well now and both the frontend and backend file
systems seem to be working in harmony.

Ron D

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Subject: RE: CacheFS hung up

Before I get any replies - I hope - my original message was incorrect on the
cache client setup.  Here's the correct setup:

mkdir /export/cache0
cfsadmin -c /export/cache0
mkdir /export/mount-point
mount -F cachefs -o
master:/filesystem /export/mount-point

Ron D

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From: D, Ron 
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Subject: CacheFS hung up


I have set up CacheFS on several of our remote systems and am having
problems with one of them that I can't shake loose.

On the master server, I have shared the file system as follows:

share -F nfs -o ro=<client server> /filesystem

on the client server, I set up the cached file system as follows:

mkdir /export/cache0
cfsadmin -c /cache/cache0
mkdir /export/mount-point
mount -F cachefs -o backfstype=nfs,cachedir=/cache/cache0,cacheid=data_cache
master:/filesystem /export/mount-point

When I first set this up, it worked fine, and even now everything looks ok
when I do the "share" command on the master and the "mount" on the client,
-  when I attempt to access the client directory, nothing happens and it
locks the window - I can't ^c out of the "cd /export/mount-point"
-  fuser -cu /export/mount-point (just sits there)
- umount /export/mount-point (hangs)
- umount -f /export/mount-point (hangs)

I've stopped and started nfs.server on the master, nfs.client on the client,
unshared the filesystem on the master and re-shared it.  The problem appears
to be on the client side, but I can't delete the cache until I can unmount
it.  I can also mount the shared file system from the master to another
mount point and view the files.

Anyone have any ideas on how I might shake this puppy loose so I can unmount
it, delete it, and re-create it without having to reboot?  (it's also set up
in the /etc/vfstab to mount at boot, so I know I will need to remove it if I
end up rebooting).

Any thoughts, ideas, or solutions are welcome.

Ron D.
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