Partial Summary: Cannot start DCOPserver

From: McCaffity, Ray (Contractor) <>
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 18:59:36 EDT
I got a few suggestions
S. Croft mentioned adding a link to iceauth
L. Jaynes said to add a link to xauth

Neither one helped.
However I did get about 17 emails asking
how this was fixed, so I guess it's a common
problem.  A couple of people said they couldn't run
certian applications without getting "kicked-off".

TheBobster had the only fix that worked, although
it is very unelegant, it works.

Log in as joeUser (any user) in kde.  Even though
the error window is up in the foreground, you can
work in the background or another desktop.
This will create the /tmp/*User  (where *user is the username)
su to root.  chmod the /tmp/.ICE-unix to 777  (probably unsecure)
chmod /tmp/*User to 754

Of course everytime the computer is rebooted you lose these files
and modifications, so we just wrote a shell script /etc/rc.X/S35kde
that copies and chmod's these files upon startup.

Very dirty, but it works.

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From: McCaffity, Ray (Contractor) 
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Subject: Cannot start DCOPserver

I have some SparcStation with Solaris9 and KDE installed.

If I log in as root everything works great.
If I log in as any other user, I get the dreaded DCOPserver error.
What to do?

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