SUMMARY: StarOffice 5.2 not working with User Login

From: Hirdejit Singh <>
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 12:02:51 EDT
Thanxs to

John D Groenveld
Larye Parkins

The Key is to Install StarOffice with "net" option and then each 
user need to run Setup with "net" option.It will use some space on 
user's home dir and create an Icon on the Workspace Menu.

H Singh

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  From: Hirdejit Singh []
  Subject: StarOffice 5.2 not working with User Login


  I hv installed StarOffice5.2 on Solaris 8(7/01)/SUN atform.The
  problem is that I am able to use and work on StarOffice ith
  'root' login whereas with the users login , the staroffice Icon 
  not available on the taskbar.
  I hv installed StarOffice in /opt/office52....
  With Users login , if I go to this directory and try to 
  'soffice' file , it says reading script and then opens 
  setup screen and displays error message that

  /opt/office52/users/sofficerc not found.

  The file is very much there.With user login it also does not
  replace the file if I try to as it says.
  I even tried changing the permissions for the file.

  Please suggest.Thanx in advance.


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