SUMMARY: Solstice Backup (Legato) restore to new client...

From: Brett Sondrup <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 12:55:10 EDT
Thanks to Valeriy who wrote:

"Although you copied indexes, there are no records regarding this new
client in media database, this is why you have "Unknown" status.
You might try to do the following
start nwadmin, go to Clients -> Clients Setup -> jabbar
add root@jabbarclone and to Remote Access
start nwrecover on jabbarclone, go to Change -> Client, click on "Update
   Client List", select "jabbar", select files you want to restore. It
should work."

This was a much easier solution to the rigamarole I was attempting.  The
restore is chugging along fine.
My original question follows:

> We've got Solaris 2.6, Solstice Backup 5.0.231.  We're trying to create a
> clone of one of our servers for development.  We have a backup server
> controlling a Spectralogic Tape Library.  The target hardware (jabbarclone)
> identical to that of the source (jabbar).  As I understand it, I should be
> able to restore the backup files from jabbar to jabbarclone by doing the
> following:
> Install Solstice Backup on jabbarclone.  Create client information for
> jabbarclone using nwadmin (I have the 'jabbarclone' and its fully qualified
> host name as an alias here in case that's important).  Stop the daemons.
> Delete the indexes ('jabbarclone' was created in case that's important)
> created for jabbarclone from /nsr/index/.  'cp' or 'mv' the source index
> to the target, in this case, 'cp -pr /nsr/index/jabbar
> /nsr/index/jabbarclone'.  Start the daemons.  Restore using nwrestore on
> jabbarclone.
> Now, I can see all the files available to restore in nwrestore from
> jabbarclone, however, when I start the restore, all the volumes needed
> "Unknown" rather than "All Online".  And I'm asked for a clone tape from
> years ago (even though all the selected files have a backup time no older
> our last full backup).
> What have I overlooked here?  Is there a way to help Solstice Backup
> 'remember' on which tapes this data can be found?

With gratitude,
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