[SUMMARY] Meaning?

From: Galen Johnson <gjohnson_at_trantor.org>
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 12:20:23 EDT
The overwhelming response came quickly.  The consensus is that it stands 
for "Stanford University Network(s | ing)".g

Alas, it was not named after the boiling spheroid of plasma that most of 
us never see.


Orignal Question:

Hi Gang,

 I was asked a question today that I was completely unable to 
answer...What (if anything) is SUN an acronym for?  I (shamefacedly) had 
to admit I had no idea.  Does anyone know?  I can't find it in the Sun 
corporate site, yet, either.

I will summarize so no other Sun admin has to face this shame.

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