SUMMARY: wrong IP from the installserver

From: Santos, Ramiro <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 11:42:50 EDT
Hi, sorry for the delay.
Thank you all for the answers.
The best suggestion was from S Watkins (Thank you),
here here it is his original text:

> Hi Ramiro,
>   one thing that may work is the following:
> 1> Find a working system that you can log into on the same subnet as the 
> system that you are trying to install.
> 2> Login to that system and run a snoop session
> 3> From the same system, run a ping to the IP address hat you want to 
> assign to the system to be installed
> You should see, in the snoop session, that the system you are on will do 
> a WHOIS/ARP call to locate the details for the IP address you are trying 
> to ping. Also in the snoop window, you should see which systems reply.
> That way, you should be able to track down which systems are supplying 
> invalid information for the system you are trying to setup on the subnet 
> that you are using.
> Give that a try,
> S Watkins
> =======


Ramiro Santos
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