SUMMARY: followup: limiting the size of /var/run

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 15:58:45 EDT
The answer to my followup question is No.  Since the /var/run directory
has no world-writeable files or directories, it is much less of a concern.
One person limits the size of /var/run, but for purely aesthetic reasons.
doing a "du -k" and seeing a filesystem with 20gig free is rather

Thanks to all.

I asked:

> Is it possible to limit the size of /var/run the same way one limits the
> size of /tmp?  Since /tmp is in the vfstab it is a simple matter to set
> the size option.  But /var/run is not in there.  So how would one limit the
> size on it?

Thanks to the many people who pointed out that it is mounted by the last
line of /etc/init.d/buildmnttab, and the size can be limited there.  Several
people also said I could add /var/run to the /etc/vfstab, set the "mount at
boot" to no, and then set the size there the same way that /tmp is limited.

I have a followup question: do you do this on your servers?  Since /var/run
does not have world writeable files or directories I suppose it isn't as
necessary as /tmp, but I am curious about how many people limit /var/run

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