SUMMARY: LDAP user authentication

From: Fisher, Myke <>
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 15:57:40 EDT
Many thanks to the following

Jed Dobson 
Lee Trujillo
Todd Wilkinson

I received a lot of solid replies to my question with the consensus being
that Sun's directory server, especially 5.1 bundled with Solaris9, is the
choice for user authentication.  The primary reason being ease of
implementation in simple authentication scenarios.  Some testing will be
required, but it appears the 8 character limit can also be bypassed using
LDAP.  Thanks again!

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Hello Sunmanagers,

I wanted to see who among you have successfully implemented LDAP for user
login authentication.  Out of those, did anyone use the SunONE DIrectory
Server 5.1?  Is OpenLDAP easier to implement? 

Can using LDAP serve as a workaround for the 8 character limit on login IDs?

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