SUMMARY: Sun 220R will not boot (fwd)

From: Craig Raskin <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 13:51:15 EDT
Many thanks to both David Fung and Valeriy Glinskiy who both got it right.
My coworker who ordered the new CPU ordered the wrong one. The machine
originally had a 360Mhz CPU in it and a 450Mhz CPU was ordered. I had to
change jumper J3001 to the 2-3 position and after that, the machine booted

Also thanks to:

Paul Frederiksen
Steve Maher
Anjan Dave
Anoop Rajkumar

for their help and an extra special thanks to Peter Chvany for letting me
know he is on vacation from his job at Harvard Law School.

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Subject: Sun 220R will not boot

I am having problems trying to get a 220R to boot. The machine had a bad
CPU (there is only a single CPU in the box) and we got a new one in to
replace it. After replacing it, when trying to boot up the machine, it
will not boot.

The machine appears to boot properly, power supply shows DC status green,
AC present green, and the fault unlit. Both lights are on for the two
internal drives as well as the power light is on and the status panel
fault light is off.

...but I can't get any output on the console plugged into serial A. I
tried booting with a keyboard attached. I held down stop-d during the
power-on to try to get it to run a self-check. The keyboard LEDs blink on
powerup and then nothing. According to Sun's docs, this indicates a NVRAM
failure.  Is there anything else I can check to verify that this is what
is causing it?

I have tried booting the machine with the new CPU and also with no CPUs
and the same things happens.
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