SUMMARY: Veritas Volume Manager for Sol.8

From: Grigory Nikonov <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 07:26:11 EDT
1) VxVM is still free for old SSA storage arrays
2) VxVM 3.2 is ok for Solaris8
3) media costs about $150 (we got it for free though)

many thanks to
Steven Aizic
Jason Wood
Matthias Wanke
Charles Rawls
Todd Fiedler

the original question was

> Hi everybody!
> We're moving to Solaris 8 and got a problem - we have an
> Enterprise 4000 server and SSA110 storage array which is
> using Veritas Volume Manager. VVM was shipping free with
> the A110, but it runs on Solaris7 only. So now we need VVM
> for Solaris 8 but really don't want to pay for it - why
> should we - a new A1000 costs $14k and VVM license costs
> $10k, so we can just buy ourselves a new storage. 
> So the question is does anybody got VVM for Solaris8 and
> whether it automaticaly generates a license file when it
> detects an A110 storage (as it was with Sol7 version).
> thanks in advance.
> Grigory Nikonov
> Renaissance Insurance, Moscow, Russia

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