SUMMARY: SunFire F6800, four domains and the Media Tray story.

From: Vincent S. Cojot <>
Date: Mon Aug 26 2002 - 07:23:56 EDT
Hello everyone,

I got several replies and I'd like to thank the following people for taking
the  time to answer my original query:
Robert Towster <>
Scott Howard <>
Jed Dobson <>
"Kerekes, Ed" <>

It appears that "how" you configure your boot disks in your F6800 if you want
4 domains really is a "matter of taste". Some people are using D1000's in
another rack to boot some domains, others have the forth D240 in another
Rack. Also, even is it is questionnable to really want a DDS4 and a DVD
-per- domain, it was pointed out that the unused space inside the SunFire
cabinet and underneath the server itself is just too small and too hot to
put a fourth D240 in there. There is 7U of space inside the cabinet and
above the F6800. The math with a 2U D240 Mediatray shows that only 3 fit in
there. Therefore, until SUN decides to sell F6800's with 8U of space above
the server unit, we will limit ourselves to 3 domains per F6800. Thanks for
sharing your experiences.

Also, mentionned an interesting tip: It's always useful
to have an empty domain available when you add system boards or i/o boards
because it lets you run POST on the new boards without disrupting operation
of the other domains. So maxing out your F6800's at three domains (each with
a D240) isn't all that a waste of hardware.. :)

Thanks again.

Vincent Cojot
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