SUMMARY: Sunray remote control

From: Mathieu Nantel <>
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 10:53:28 EDT
Hi there,

A special thanks to Gavin McDonald who guided me through the steps.
A call to Sun reported that there are no such thing as remote control implemented in the Sunray Enterprise Server Software. However, one can achieve semi-functional remote control by means of adding a second token (for those using smart cards) to the user. Read the following from Gavin for more information. Note that the user's session (his card) will be frozen when you take over with the second card. Additionally, the user will NOT see what you are doing, but will be able to get his session back by reinserting his card in a sunray. Neat trick, but if anyone has a clue on how to do this with the command-line interface, that would be even neater. utuser -ai doesn't work, as it wails about the card not being in the admin database (if you did not add the card) or the card being already in use (if you added the card). The web interface requires the card to be "unassigned" (I.E. deleted from the database).



Well, while I am certain there's a command-line interface to use, 
I prefer the web-admin tool.

Pages 59-60  detail how to add a token to a user's session.  You
want to add a _second_ token, (Your management card) to the user's
session, thus giving you full access to his session.


Yeah, there's an "easy" method, I use to mess with some 
of my co-workers here.  You require access to the Sunray
administration console, and should implement token-based (aka
smart-card) authentication.  All you do is add another card
to the user's session, then when you insert this card, you
'take-over' his sunray session.  It will lock his mouse out
though.  There is also a method, using xwd/xwud which will
allow you to grab still-shots of the user's screen, but it
requires some futzing with Xauth.  I've scripted it all on
my servers, so it can be done with a single command line.


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