Summary: Flash Software

From: Lennon, Padraig <>
Date: Fri Aug 23 2002 - 09:28:29 EDT
Hi Guru's,

The answer is yes, the command /usr/sbin/flarcreate is used for this
purpose. It has been bundled with Solaris 8 since the 4/01 release.
It's part of the SUNWinst package.
There are some good examples of using it at in the articles

Special thanks to the following for getting back to me so quickly:
Dale Hirchert
Scott Howard

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> Hi Guru's,
> It is possible to get the "Solaris Flash" software for the Solaris 8
> platform, or is it only supported on Solaris 9?
> If it is possible to get the software,  where would I get details?
> I have been searching the Sun site to no avail.
> i will summarize,
> -Padraig 

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