SUMMARY: Problem with fsck on big size ( 110GB) created using Veritasvolume Manager.

From: Umesh Potbhare <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 14:05:15 EDT
Hello Managers,

Many people replied to check the fsck command using truss. ( Which I am
not familier about ). Secondly I applied fsck patch on system but it
couldnot be of any help. It just changed error messages from signal 11 to
Segmentation fault.

Meantime I tried to mount directory as read only just to check the data
and found that entire data is messedup and no consistancy, files are

So we decided to rebuild that volume with new disk set as it is our
clearcase server and donot want to take a chance with faulty disk.
and restored data from backup.

Thanks everybody for their valuable time and suggestion.


Original Question
Umesh Potbhare wrote:

> Hello Managers,
> One of veritas volume  failed due to some corruption and I am trying to
> mount it after is own recovery process and it is saying run fsck before
> mounting and when I am trying to run fsck after sometime trying to
> correct the Inodes it is failing.
> It has ufs file system and not vxfs
> and it is failing with following error.
> fsck: warning: the following command (process 2045) was terminated by
> signal 11
> fsck -F ufs -y  /dev/vx/rdsk/rootdg/vol01
> Any idea about signal 11? and How to overcome that problem.
> I will appreciate all your help.
> Regards,
> -Umesh
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