SUMMARY: CacheFS hung up

From: Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC) <>
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 12:26:18 EDT
Summary:  I only received one reply from Bryan Moore - who suggested
checking the network speeds for compatibility between the 2 systems.  These
were fine.  I needed up removing the mount from /etc/vfstab, rebooting,
deleting the cache, recreating the cache and remounting - after which
everything was fine once again.  I was unable to force an unmount to do the
cache delete, thus the required reboot.  Reason for the hang is still
unknown as there were no error messages to be found in any of the system

Ron D.

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Before I get any replies - I hope - my original message was incorrect on the
cache client setup.  Here's the correct setup:

mkdir /export/cache0
cfsadmin -c /export/cache0
mkdir /export/mount-point
mount -F cachefs -o
master:/filesystem /export/mount-point

Ron D

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Subject: CacheFS hung up


I have set up CacheFS on several of our remote systems and am having
problems with one of them that I can't shake loose.

On the master server, I have shared the file system as follows:

share -F nfs -o ro=<client server> /filesystem

on the client server, I set up the cached file system as follows:

mkdir /export/cache0
cfsadmin -c /cache/cache0
mkdir /export/mount-point
mount -F cachefs -o backfstype=nfs,cachedir=/cache/cache0,cacheid=data_cache
master:/filesystem /export/mount-point

When I first set this up, it worked fine, and even now everything looks ok
when I do the "share" command on the master and the "mount" on the client,
-  when I attempt to access the client directory, nothing happens and it
locks the window - I can't ^c out of the "cd /export/mount-point"
-  fuser -cu /export/mount-point (just sits there)
- umount /export/mount-point (hangs)
- umount -f /export/mount-point (hangs)

I've stopped and started nfs.server on the master, nfs.client on the client,
unshared the filesystem on the master and re-shared it.  The problem appears
to be on the client side, but I can't delete the cache until I can unmount
it.  I can also mount the shared file system from the master to another
mount point and view the files.

Anyone have any ideas on how I might shake this puppy loose so I can unmount
it, delete it, and re-create it without having to reboot?  (it's also set up
in the /etc/vfstab to mount at boot, so I know I will need to remove it if I
end up rebooting).

Any thoughts, ideas, or solutions are welcome.

Ron D.

Ron D.
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