[Summary]Viewing/Sharing X application to two user

From: Please Sun <sunsolve_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 10:00:22 EDT

     Thanks for your reply.

<< Question >>
     I am looking for a utility to view/share a X application within
     two different user.

     OS Requirement : SunOS 4.X, 5.X and Redhat 7.x
     What I want    : - UserA telnet to machine X
                      - UserB telnet to machine X
                      - UserA run X application APP1
                      - UserA "share" APP1 to userB,
                      - UserB can "view" APP1 simultaneous

     What I try : Screen   - Only share for text mode
                  VNC      - Only have solaris package
                           - two user cannot view simultaneous
                  SunForum - Only have solaris package

<< From Divid >>
- Try some application, which uses T.120 protocol for sharing.
  Check http://www.openH323.org/ .

<< From Thmos, Reagan Blundell, >>
- Both is wrong. There are Linux packages for VNC and any number
  of users can view simultaneously ("vncviewer -shared"). Go VNC.

<<<< Response >>>> I try to compile VNC on SunOS 4.1.3U1, but
                   fail. ;-(

<< From James Noyes >>
- What you're looking for here is an application called "xwatchwin".
  I'm sorry, but I don't have a location online to go to get it, but
  I know it exists since I have used it myself.

<<<< Response >>>> I will try this later

<<< From Steudten Thomas >>>
- For only UserB "view" you can try xwatchwin or xwd per shell-script.
  But how can userB view APP1 on the same system? So you need at least
  two different X-Servers.


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