SUMMARY: Device names

From: Yong S. Yi <>
Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 20:23:19 EDT
Well, looks like I didn't do enough work on my own before firing this
posting out to the list. After looking around on the web a bit more, I think
I found the answers to my questions (I think).

The first issue, with the fibrechannel adapter on one machine using a
"scsi@" device was due to (for some reason) the adapter itself. Swapping
that out with another adapter resulted in the correct "ifp@" device. As far
as I'm aware, they're the same model number, etc, but...

For the second issue, it seems that I need to mess with /etc/path_to_inst a
bit. A couple of articles which helped were:

Thus spake Yong S. Yi (
> I'm running into a few issues with making the two machines symmetric, as
> I'm messing with shared disksets (using Solstice DiskSuite).
> As far as I know, the two machines connected to the disk array are
> symmetric:
> 	They:
> 	* E220R's
> 	* Have the same fibrechannel cards installed in the same slots
> 	* Have no other cards installed elsewhere
> 	* Have the exact same O/S version & patches (they were jumpstarted
> 	  at the same time using the same jumpstart configuration).
> However, on the second machine, when connecting the cable to the disk
> array and running "format", I see something like:
>        7. c1t5d0 <SUN9.0G cyl 4924 alt 2 hd 27 sec 133>
>           /pci@1f,4000/scsi@5/ssd@w220000203719ffea,0
> When connecting the cable to the other fibrechannel card on that machine
> and running the same command (after running 'drvconfig;disks;devlinks'), I
> get:
>        7. c3t5d0 <drive not available: reserved>
>           /pci@1f,4000/SUNW,ifp@4/ssd@w220000203719ffea,0
> So a few questions come to mind:
> 	1) Why would one adapter use scsi, while the other uses ifp?
> 	2) Is there any way to renumber the device names so that c1tXdX
> 	   could be c2tXdX, or such? I need both of the machines to see the
> 	   array through the same major/minor numbers for the shared diskset
> 	   setup to work, AFAIK.
> BTW, I am using Solaris 8 (2/02) w/ the latest patches.
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