SUMMARY: Ultra2 serial port issues

From: <>
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 07:25:56 EDT
We've identified a resolution, and a root symptom, but NOT a root
cause. The root symptom was that we could send-breaks all day long, until
we typed any key. Then we could do nothing. It appears that Miniterm
requires something coming back up the serial line (ie: the 'ok' prompt) to
finish the send-break command.

What will NOT work:

Dell 8200, Linux 7.2, Miniterm 1.83.1, Serial cable, Ultra2

What WILL work

Dell 8200, Linux 7.2, Telnet, Shiva Lanrover, Serial cable, Ultra2

Please note, the first setup that does NOT work with the Ultra2 DOES work
with a Sparc 20.

Notes along the way:

Stop-N - resets to oem nvram
Stop-D -send to display if nvram set to ttya (no time to test)
ttyb - does not work, must use ttya

The good news is, we have a way to connect, which was going to be the way
to do this in the long run. We might spend some time-cycles on identify
the root-cause of the non-responsiveness with miniterm, but not today...

Thanks to all who replied, but it looks like we just had to throw enough
hardware and variables at it until we got it to work.


Steve B.
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