Summary: Any sendmail experts out there??

From: Mark Gosselin <>
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 15:10:24 EDT
Thanks to everyone who responded... Here's what I did:

I changed the root alias to mail to my address and ran newaliases.... No
Changed it back to /dev/null made a couple of changes in my
to my domain and relay server lines) and began getting a different set of

Turns out the new set was as a result of my company's new "Anti-Spam"
installation. All my IP addresses were being rejected. My Networking folks
some change (although they swear they "did nothing"), and now it works....

Thanks again,

Mark Gosselin
NetScout Systems

<Original Post>

I have a question about my sendmail configuration that is really bothering
me.... I recently upgraded from
Solaris 2.5.1 to Solaris 8 on an Ultra5.... Sendmail worked fine under the
old configuration, but not now.
My aliases are all the same...

When I do the following:

mailx -v
Subject: Test

I get:

root... aliased to /dev/null
/dead.letter... Saved in /dead.letter

ANyone have any ideas? I'm attaching my current and the old one
(sendmail complains if I use the old one)

(See attached file: attached file:
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