SUMMARY: FTP Server - consolidation of disks

From: Gordon Cormack <>
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 03:01:07 EDT
In the end the solution was all too easy...

1. Use Solstice Disk Suite
2. Create a couple of large concatenated slices
3. Test then edit "/etc/vfstab" to make the mounts permanent

As performance and redundancy weren't really big issues this was the
quickest solution to get the FTP server "on the air."

Thanks again to all those gurus who helped and their quickness in replying
was outstanding!

Greatly appreciated,

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Subject: FTP Server - consolidation of disks

Hey guys,

One of our clients is going to host an FTP server which will hold massive
amounts of data and want us to set this up ASAP.

We have a D1000 and many 9GB SCSI disks (pity they're not 36GB) not being
used so I have built an e250 which is now jam packed and all is well.

Question: What's the best way to consolidate all these disks into one
mount/directory. eg. /export/home/ftp as I don't want each disk to have a
separate mount point.

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