SUMMARY: nslookup points to one ip....traceroute to another???? nothing in arp cash...what is wrong??

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Date: Fri Aug 09 2002 - 12:06:20 EDT
Thanks to all  the sun managers who responded:
Reggie Beavers
John Timon
Wesley A. Wannemacher
Jason Heiss
Jon Godfrey
Chandrasekhar Kalle
Ray McCaffity
Ed Mitchell
Steve Sandau
Chris L. Anderson
Tony Jenness

I am hopping I did not omit anyone hoping.

Shutting down the nscd  solved the problem. Thanks again.
For original problem see bellow

We experiencing a weird problem

Here is a description:

We updating a CNAME record ( for example to point from one IP to
Nsswitch.conf on the machine is set to FILES DNS NIS
DNS updates works successfully.

When you do a nslookup on it will come up with the right IP.
However when you do a traceroute to it goes to the old IP ( the one
we change the CNAME record from).
However there is no entries in the host files for or the 2 IP's. We
double checked there is for sure no entries in the hosts files.
We searched the ARP cash for and there is nothing.
We have no idea why this happens

 IF you change the NSSWITCH order to DNS FILES NIS everything works OK.

Can some one please explain what we are missing.

Will definitely summarize.
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