[SUMMARY] Invisible directory name.

From: Rick von Richter <rickv_at_mwh.com>
Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 16:44:45 EDT
Original question
In one of my users' home dir there are two subdirectories with no name. I
suspect there are control characters in there. Is there a way to see what are
the characters in the dir name?  I.e. examine the inode or something like that.

1) ls -lab
This shows the characters as octal number.
Arrrgh... I did rtfm on ls but did not associate "non-printing characters" with
screen stuff.  (Head hung low)

2) ls | cat -vet
This will show control characters with a $ at the end of each line.

3) ls -la > /tmp/zzz ; vi /tmp/zzz
This will show the control characters.

4) ls | od -c
This will show in octal but you need to weed through the output.

5) rm -ri *
This is if you just want to remove them.

Thanks for the help.

Cheers, Rick
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