SUMMARY: mass password changes

From: Joe Reid <>
Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 15:08:25 EDT
Thanks to many people for their ideas.  A few people said NIS, which 
isn't an option, and someone, who obviously lives in a world with blue 
sky (it's purple in my world), who said the application owners should be 
responsible for their passwords.

The other responses came in 2 varities: use expect to interact with the 
passwd command or use sed/awk/perl to edit the shadow file.

Thanks to all who answered, if you have an opening for a 7 year Solaris 
admin in your blue sky world please let me know, the purple is begining 
to drive me crazy.

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Joe Reid wrote:
> I have 40 machines with 6 application accounts I need to be able to 
> change the password on every couple of months.  Does anyone have a 
> reliable mechanism to non-interactivly change passwords?

Joe Reid
Tactical Solaris Systems Engineering and Administration
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