SUMMARY: services and inetd

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Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 14:50:09 EDT
Again the list comes through.

All respondents agreed that commenting the service out of /etc/inetd.conf
was enough to disable that service. They also reminded me to HUP inetd to
make the changes effective. One respondent caught my typo in init.d/conf
instead of inetd.conf

All respondents agreed that I did not need to touch /etc/services.

(Andrew Sit) said:
For you to check the connectivity to a port, you can telnet to the port and
it will return either a handshake or a blank prompt if it is listening.  A
"Connection refused" message will occur if there is no connectivity.

Darren Dunham gave this example of how to interprete the response I get
      from telneting to a given port
% telnet localhost swat
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.    <-connected.  The port is up.
telnet> q
Connection closed.
% telnet localhost 55555
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
                             <-not connected.  The port is down.

Jon Godfrey responded with this information, which I honestly never thought
Removing/commenting an entry from /etc/services has no effect on the
unless it is referenced by name.  The /etc/services file is really only a
lookup service so that you could use, for example, the keyword 'telnet'
instead of the port number '23'.

Reginald Beavers responded this good advice:
/etc/services is used as a lookup table. If /etc/nsswitch.conf contains
'services: files', then commenting out selected services in /etc/services
would prevent the lookup and therefore prevent the service requested.

Several peole suggested nmap (
for port checking. on 08/08/2002 12:06:09 PM

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Subject:  services and inetd

I have checked the archives and google, but can't find the answer to these

1. If I want to disable an inetd service, do I really need to comment it
out of the /etc/services file, or is commenting it out of the
/etc/init.d/conf file enough?

2. How can I test the response from a given port. I try telnet servername
port, and ftp, but get nothing usefull in return. I am hoping there is a
command called checkport or something similar, but have not seen one yet.

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