Summary: Software to run the old SunPCI card on Ultra 5

From: Tony Magtalas <>
Date: Wed Aug 07 2002 - 15:28:59 EDT
Many thanks to the following respondents:

Jerry Stachowski <>
Bryan Hodgson <>
Martin Marshall" <>
"Catlin, Brian" <>                   
 "Frank Velazquez" <>
"Hichael Morton" <

As Martin Marshall pointed out:

The 375-0075 card is a 300 MHz SunPCi, not a SunPCi2
card.Use the correct driver version 1.3 for SunPCi at:

Once I download the (correct) SunPCI software version
1.3 from the Sun(tm) website, everything worked

One side note that Bryan Hodgson mentioned is you need
to pay special attention to the PCI boot ROM version
during the PCI card boot process. If your PCI card is
under-reved, you need to "flash" the BIOS to the
latest (0.059 version) using the following command:

#/opt/SUNWspci/bin/sunpciflash -f

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