SUMMARY: sendmail 8.11 problem

From: Gnanagurusamy B <>
Date: Tue Aug 06 2002 - 11:38:02 EDT
>Subject: sendmail 8.11
>>Hi All,
>we have one registered domain which is registered
>  from we are able to send mail out to hotmail /
>but we are unable to receive mail from out of our domain.
>we dont have our own DNS server and it is pointing ISP's.
>we are able to receive mail from
>is there any special setting to be done with sendmail to
>mails from other domains. the system is online.
>smtp port 25 is open ..
>bounce back message- Deferred: Connection timed out with
>Can you help out. It is a linux machine.


Problem was at ISP's end... since we are using ISP's dns directly 
, they did some modifications and it is done and haven't disclosed 
with us.

thanks to
Puneet Gulati <

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