SUMMARY: network card renumbering

From: Adam and Christine Levin <>
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 14:40:28 EDT
Original question at the bottom.

Thanks to:
L Bryan Moore <>
Kevin Korb <>
Hichael Morton <>
"Mortensen, Henrik" <>
Greg Gallagher <>
Val Popa <Val.Popa@Sun.COM>

All said the same thing: edit /etc/path_to_inst (*carefully*, and make a
backup first), remove the offending device lines, and reboot with a -r.

By the way, *don't* just remove /etc/path_to_inst if you are using
disksuite (I'm assuming disksuite caused the problem).  You won't be able
to boot at all anymore -- the disks will be fragged, presumably because it
can't figure out what the root disk should be.

Thankfully, I took the advice and made a backup of path_to_inst, and then
just removed the ge lines (those were the main offenders anyway).

I may take the time to clean up the drive devices, but this machine is
going to be upgraded to Solaris 8 shortly anyway.

Thanks again,

On Mon, 5 Aug 2002, Adam and Christine Levin wrote:
> Ok, I apologize in advance for such a silly question (or, maybe it isn't
> so silly after all).
> We have an E450 running Solaris 2.6, latest patch cluster.
> We have two gigabit cards that used to be ge0 and ge1.  However, I moved
> them to different PCI slots and then did a reconfigure reboot.
> However, the old device files are still there, and now the cards are
> listed as ge2 and ge3.  I'd like them to be ge0 and ge1, since I only have
> but the two.
> /etc/path_to_inst lists four cards.
> Is there an easy way to clean up the device area so that my old NICs (and,
> actually, old disk controllers) are removed?
> Thanks,
> -Adam
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