SUMMARY: Sun Management Center 3.0 install on sol 8 - out of mem error -db start failed.

From: Alex Ranchoux <>
Date: Mon Aug 05 2002 - 09:38:37 EDT
Hi all,

Many thanks to all of you who pointed out potential
issues related to the install:

-Scott Howard
-Kanchan Wadhwa
-Anoop Rajkumar 
-Killion, Brent  
-Riddoch, John 
-Scott Howard 
-Wanke Matthias  

I was using a SUN Fire E280r, patch level 13 with Sol
8.  I uninstalled all pkgs and proceeded to re-install
but to no avail. (Server + Agent only)

Brent Killion kindly pointed out that 

"I have been working with Sun for the last three weeks
in figuring out the reason. We have duplicated the
problem on 6 Sun Fire V100s also.

I'll let you know when we get our problem resolved
as yours may be related or identical.

I've got three E280Rs and six Sun Fire V100s all
exhibiting the same core dump when es-setup completes
so it's definitely reproducible and
they are all running 108528-15 patch rev"

Iinstalled SMC on another 3 SUNFire 280r and have ran
into the same error with es-setup. (Out-of memory

I resorted to install SMC on an E4500 connected to an
A5200 array. Solaris 8 patch level 13.

I had no issues whatsoever while running es-inst
(CD1), when prompted to install the Add-ons (CD2, I
selected the relevant pkgs for us. Some of them

I made sure /etc/system had the correct shmmax
settings for the Oracle db and finally rebooted the
Once back up, I cd'ed into $ES_home/sbin and ran
es-setup.  You are prompted to answer a few questions
(no big deal) then, the script will build the db and
prompt you to kickstart both Server and Agent.

"Please wait, Sun Management Center database setup in
progress. It may take 15 to 20 minutes

Do you want to start Sun Management Center agent and
server components now [y|n|q] y

Another tip from Kanchan to stop and re-start es:

# $SMC_HOME/sbin/es-stop -A
# $SMC_HOME/sbin/es-start -A

As for the Oracle error on SUN Fires, well seems like
a bug and Brent has been working with Sun to address
it.  A solution/patch is to follow..

Last but not the least from Brent Killion:

"by Per Sun's SMC documentation you should *not*
install all three layers on one system.  SMC is ,by
design, a three-tier application."

Many thanks for all your help,

Very much appreciated.

Alex Ranchoux

Unix Systems Engineering
Laverock Von Schoultz
Victor Chandler
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