UPDATED SUMMARY: E220R multiprocessors and crashing

From: Oliver Hemming <ohemming_at_telverse.com>
Date: Sun Aug 04 2002 - 21:08:33 EDT
It seems like I got more responses after the summary than before :-) so here
is an updated one.

If the system crashes due to a bad CPU, the POST should detect the bad one and
map it out.  Should the problem be a minor one and POST not catch it, the
system will come back with both CPUs until the problem happens again

Thanks again to everyone who responded (and responded twice in one case)


General consensus was that the box would crash, come back up with both CPUs
and keep crashing until the problem was resolved.
Check /var/adm/messages or core dump to determine which CPU was bad and then
use psradm to map it out until it can be replaced.

Thank you to everyone who responded.  It is much appreciated.

Original question is below.


> If a E220R has two processors and one fails what will happen?
> i) crash, reboot, come back up on one good CPU
> ii) stay up and disable the bad CPU
> iii) depends on running processes
> iv) other


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